Established in 2002 by its Founder and Chairman Mr. Upul Chandana, Softnet Information (Pvt) Ltd. Was conceptualized as a unique entity focused on providing the Sri Lankan market with the latest innovations in high-end Fiber Laser cutting machines (Metal industry), laser machines, CNC machinery, heat press machines, Laminating Machines. Not only for manufacturing sectors, company also caters for printing and advertising sectors with unique machineries such as, Photo printing Machines, Book binding machines, Personal Gift making Machines, Album Making Machines, and UV Laminating Machines Studio machinery and accessories.

Our machineries are both locally manufactured and imported are ably supported by a highly skilled, well trained, and fully equipped service team ready to provide 24×7 after sales service and breakdown maintenance at any location across the country.

Since its inception the company and throughout its 20-years journey, Softnet has been on a constant trajectory of upward growth and consistent expansion, which has led to the company securing its position as industry leader in the sector and further expansion of its product matrix to include the operation of our own Colour Laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology operated by a team of highly skilled professional staff, in house Call Centre facility, and fully equipped top tier Advertising Service.

The expansion envisioned by our founder/chairman Mr. Chandana continues unabated today, as our Colour Lab service portfolio has now been diversified to include all aspects of photographic, audio/video coverage of weddings and functions, a wide range of high-quality printing services aimed professional and top tier local & foreign professional photographers, advanced colour lab services, album manufacturing, and picture framing and our most recent technological assimilation, image sublimation.

To date we guarantee supply of all aspects of sublimation printing, laser printing, and laser cutting technology and machinery and colour lab services, album manufacturing, picture framing etc. as well as new innovations in the Metal industry, Metal cutting, Laser cutting, and advertising industry solutions including advanced printing techniques to a constantly growing base of around 5000 customers.

Softnet’s bouquet of services also includes manufacture of Cooperate gift items, premium gifts items, personalised gift items of varying bespoke designs manufactured according to our customer’s individual requirements.

Softnet also has a long history of working with many of the nation’s premier expo’s and exhibitions in varying capacities including being main partner and primary sponsor of many popular technology, IT, & wedding exhibitions such as “Image Today”, “Future Image”, and “Theweni Esa”, SLAP member and sponsors. Softnet’s association with expo’s and exhibitions continues unabated today, with the company participating in at least 3 main exhibitions per year as main sponsor. Further the company extends its services to entrepreneurs in the field, providing access to the latest technology and B2B solutions and training at affordable rates.

At present Softnet’s 100+ strong employee cadre operates out of its own seven storied 25,000sqft building in the heart of Maharagama town which valued at a current market value of more than LKR 300 million. Our 25,000sqft stores complex is built in close proximity to our main office in order to accommodate our range of Heavy-Duty equipment, machineries, spare parts and our in-house workshop includes a full gamut of state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate our production and repair facilities. Our transport fleet of trucks ensures on time deliveries to our valued customers.