Vinyl Plotter C24 (720mm)

24“Vinyl Cutting Plotter Support Auto contour cutting. It can cutting a variety of special materials, such as soft fabric, transparent materials, reflective materials, black materials, white materials, color materials.

Features of C24.

  • Large touch screen menu High sensitivity.
  • Simple use and straightforward operation.
  • Multi-languages
  • User-friendly Touchscreen / Keypad for easy handling
  • Powerful function like: Can array-freely set to cut many lines and many columns, and free set distance between each copy.
  •  Multi-interface
  • USB cable (real USB, no need to install driver)
  • U disk (support both normal cutting and contour cutting)
  • Wifi (optional)
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac

Camera for auto contour Cutting.

This Plotter patent feature-build in real camera for auto print and cut.
High-accuracy, fast speed and capable for any color materials and marks, such as,
 High reflective materials – Can cut 3M Diamond reflective film (Huge force :max 2000g)
 Various color materials
 Transparent materials
 Any color marks

  • Fully Adjustable Pinch Feed Assembly.

The pinch wheels can be individually arranged in a more convenient location, without cutting mat, it can cut materials ranging from 20mm (0.8″) to 260mm (10″), up to 24″ on the larger model

  • Metal body

This plotter model C vinyl cutter has a cute body but has an industrial professional design with a metal body. Stronger, stable, and higher accuracy. It has a max 750g cutting force, easily cut many materials including vinyl, cardstock, HTV, fabric, EVA foam, and more.

  • Multi-Colored LED Lighting

Users can freely change LED light color and it is cool when use a cutter in the evening.

  • Laser Engraving(optional)

The vinyl cutter has an optional laser part. Easily hang it on carriage cover, user can engrave on wood, paper ect.

  • Engraving tool(Optional)

Hard Diamond blade. User can easily engrave on metal, acrylic etc

What type of camera that used for C24 plotters?

Which is Andor’s iKon-L High Dynamic Range CCD camera that offers outstanding resolution, field of view, sensitivity, and dynamic range performance. It boasts a proprietary large area 5-stage TE cooler enabling cooling of this large area sensor down to an unprecedented -100°C without the aggravation of liquid nitrogen. NEW ‘Dual AR Extended Range’ sensor option offers the broadest QE coverage, from UV to NIR.
• TE cooling to -100°C
• Large area 2048 x 2048 sensor
• 4-speed readout up to 5 MHz
• Low read noise