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Paper Cutting Machine – 450D

Product Specifications

1.Optimized instruction design, precisely processed, stable.
2.Performance and sturdy for long use life.
3.Adapt new high-tech integrate circuit digital control to guarantee high efficient work.
4.Digital display indicates the before cutting and after cutting, and there is infrared.
5.Light indicate the cutting position.
6.High precision on paper control design to combine mechanism and power.
7.With the switch in bottom style, double hands catenation fixing, the function of replacing automatically, the machine is absolutely guaranteed safe.
8.Adopt high-speed steel blade,it is sharp and endures.
9.Special self troubleshooting functions, and infrared light to make the blade lid visible to make.
10.Operation easy.
11.Adapt safe lock and protect-cover, ensure definitely safe.
12.Fashionable and simple design: design, beauty, and utility.

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